Dommo Energia is a Brazilian publicly-traded company whose objective is the development of activities in the energy sector, primarily the exploration and production of oil and natural gas.

The Company seek results without losing sight of responsible practices, combining financial viability and operational safety. The originally Italian word, DOMO (with one “m”) means dome. In geology, DOMO, (also with one “m”) is the name given to a structure generated from the movement of the salt layers, impermeable, and can lead to the development of geological structures that make oil or gas buildup possible.

Dommo Energia has been undergoing transformations since 2013 and, after a successful restructuring process, seeks to consolidate its position as an important national player in its industry.

The company began its activities in November 2007, when it participated in the Ninth Bidding Round held by the ANP (Brazilian National Petroleum Agency), in which it received exploration and production rights for oil and gas in exploratory blocks, including blocks BM-C-39, BM-C-40 and BM-C-41, located in the Campos Basin. Blocks BM-C-39 and BM-C-40 shelter the Tubarão Martelo field, and block BM-C-41 shelters the Tubarão Azul field.

In January 2012, oil production began at the Tubarão Azul Field and remained in production until mid-2015, with approximately 6.7 million barrels of oil being extracted from this field.

In December 2013, Dommo Energia began oil production, as operator, at the Tubarão Martelo Filed, and such production is still currently active. This production is carried through FPSO OSX-3 and, in 2018, produced more than 15 million barrels of oil.

Dommo Energia also holds a 40% stake in block BS-4, located in the Santos Basin, having started production in May 2018.