​This Dommo Energia Privacy Policy was designed to demonstrate Company commitment to the security and privacy of the information collected from users of the interactive services offered here. Investors and analysts are welcome to visit this website to get acquainted with the services offered by Dommo Energia, read reports, collect information and news without providing any personal information. If you decide to provide any information, this policy provides clarification on how personal information is collected and handled by Dommo Energia. Users are advised to periodically check this policy because it is subject to changes without prior notice.

  1. Any information provided by users will be collected and stored following strict security and confidentiality standards.
  2. Any personal information provided by users to the Company will be collected by ethical and lawful means, with one or more than one purpose about which users will be informed.
  3. Before information is collected users will be informed of the collection, and will be free to agree with or reject information collection and will also be informed of the consequences of his/her decision.
  4. Unless Dommo Energia receives legal or judicial notice, the information the company has collected will never be disclosed to their parties or used for any purpose other than those for which the said information was collected.
  5. Access to collected information is limited to employees duly authorized to use it adequately. Any employee making undue use of this information, breaching the provisions of the Privacy Policy, will be subject to Dommo Energia disciplinary penalties.
  6. The Company will see to the integrity of any information provided by visitors.
  7. This website contains links or frames from other sites, which may or not be company partners and allies. Such links and frames are made available with the sole purpose of providing yet another benefit to users. Please note that display of these links and frames by Dommo Energia does not mean that Dommo Energia is aware of, agrees with or is liable for them or by their respective contents. Therefore, Dommo Energia disclaims any liability for any losses or damages arising out of the use of the above mentioned links or frames.
  8. Whenever other organizations are hired to provide support services, these organizations will be required to comply with Dommo Energia privacy standards.
  9. For administrative purposes, occasionally the Company may use “cookies”(*) and at any given time users are free to set up in his/her web browser mechanism to inform that such cookies are activated or to prevent cookie activation.
  10. Important additional information on the terms and conditions for use of this website are provided in Use Conditions.